An majestic, old-growth Japanese sugi pine tree in the forest beside a Buddhist temple complex.  This was my third visit to this tree this year.  I was waiting for the leaves of an adjacent ginkgo tree to fall and create a scene of season’s change.   Timber from sugi  pines is exceptionally good.  The forests would have once been full of towering giants, but as in most developed countries, the need for timber for wars and economic development over the centuries has decimated Japan’s old-growth forest.  Whilst there are still many old trees beside temples and shrines, standing beneath them is both awe-inspiring – and sad.  
Ashigara, Japan / December 2018

Journey to Hayato Falls #3 – Walking into winter.  There was still plenty of autumn foliage to marvel at all the way up to Hayato Great Falls, but the special thing about a walk up a river into the heart of the mountains at this time of year is the slow and steady movement through the various stages of autumn towards winter.  The upper reaches were right on its threshold, just one cloudless night away from icicles and frosted leaves.